I’ve been inspired to blog since Thursday this week when I attended the Guillemots/CBSO gig at the Town Hall.

It was probably a combination of my love of The Guillemots, the fact that my first proper job was with the CBSO, and the years of not being able to go in to our beloved Town Hall.

So Thursday night was an emotional experience. One of those events when you remember why you got into the arts – and one I know I will remember for a long time.

Fyfe is clearly a very talented man. His piece with the CBSO had a ton of ideas in and he had some fun with the textures and possibilities of the CBSO. It pushed the players to the full – and even the conductor broke his baton with the vigour of it all!

The second half though was the highlight – Guillemots tracks played by the band with full CBSO backing. Amazing. I always prefer it when artists play their tracks differently live – and the versions on Thursday were great – with the big excitement coming at the end when Fyfe ran off stage and appeared in the choir stalls to play the organ!

It was very emotional – and moved me to start blogging.

I also think it is about time some more female bloggers arrived on the block. Not sure how good I’ll be at keeping it updated – with Gigbeth round the corner. But maybe that will be a good source of high points (and low points) to share with whoever might visit!

5 thoughts on “Blogging

  1. joannageary says:

    Hi Clare,

    Welcome to blogland! As a fellow female blogger I’m fairly new to it all too! I warn you, it can get rather addictive, I’ve found myself blogging at crazy hours at night just to fit it in!

    Looking forward to seeing your next few posts.


  2. Catherine B says:

    Ah, I’m a female blogger, but not under my own name, friendslocked, and not findable by search engines! For me, my blog is all about letting off steam (as in your latest post) and I want to be able to say anything I like without worrying about it being seen by people I know in a professional sphere… Maybe I should run a more public one too, I don’t know.

    Cat x

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