Is busy better?

Everyone says that they are busy – it is the thing to be…. or is it?

My best friend saw how frazzled I’m getting as the prep for Gigbeth hots up and took me away (as a bday pressie) to a spa – Sunday through to Monday lunchtime.

However – all the good work was undone the minute I got home to 200 emails and several phone messages from people who ‘need’ to communicate with me NOW!

So I got back and worked ’till 1am to get things sorted – and today I have worked for 11 hours before conducting my choir and coming back home to a bit more work.

So – what is the point of time off? I am sorely tempted to take January off (my contract at the LSC ends on 31st December) but every time I say that my heart is filled with fear that perhaps I am going to miss out on something.

But as a mum – maybe missing my kids is more of a concern?

However – all this is a pointless whinge as I love my work too much and therefore take too much on. It is all my fault – and if I wanted a quiet life – I could after all – have one!

I’m also rubbish at asking for help – as we are supposed to cope aren’t we? it is the same if it is asking my Mum and Dad to babysit or asking my staff to work out of hours…. So I take on the pressure – and it is all my fault…

Yep – I’m a sucker – but they do say “If you want something done – ask a busy person”. So perhaps that explains the three people in my inbox today (all who know how close Gigbeth is) who are asking for a coffee and catch up for me to give them advice (before Gigbeth). Maybe I should give myself some advice and say no?

On the flip side – when the chips are down I am always touched by how much people will do to help if you just ask. Thanks to all the lovely people on the Gigbeth board – who have been so encouraging tonight…

Is blogging supposed to be ranting? Probably not – so sorry. I promise the next one will be more productive!! I have a lovely choir event on tomorrow – so I’m sure I’ll come back from that inspired!

My 2008 resolution will be to do less (tee hee).

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