The power of singing

I’ve had a tough day – people going back on promises – general high level stress from running a major music festival in 14 days time.

But is all back in perspective ‘cos I’ve done some singing tonight.

For those of you who don’t know – I conduct a choir called Notorious. I conducted choirs since I was 16 (a long time ago!) and now Notorious, the choir I started when I was 23, has been going 10 years.

It is a balancing act having two kids, full time job and MD of a choir – but I hang onto Notorious because it is truly good for me. On lots of levels…

Conducting Notorious and singing with Ex Cathedra (when I can – have not sung with them since Christmas – hope to go back next year) – these are the two things I do when I don’t think about work, I remember to breathe and I have a thoroughly good time!

The power is proved again by a few case studies from Notorious. There are half a dozen members of the choir left from when we first started (in fact we started with about 9 people so that is not bad going – there are about 35 members now). Those founding members have got married, had kids, got bigger more demanding jobs – and still Notorious is really important to them.

Another large group have been with us at least 5 years and come back time and time again. Many of those now have full on careers and demanding home lives etc but still they make time for our weekly rehearsals.

Why – because they feel the same way as me – there is no replacement for truly uplifting singing – the physical act and the bonding it engenders.

Speaking of bonding – did you know that Notorious can boast a role in four marriages?! Yup – Stu and Kat, Liz and Ian, Mike and Richard and most recently Jon and Rach have all tied the knot – they met in choir and their romances blossomed through our choir’s all important social life. We’ve sung at all those weddings and emotional it was (in my Yoda voice)!

So however ‘busy’ I get – I’ll never be too busy for singing. In our house we sing to go up the stairs, put toys away, sit on the potty (sorry) and almost everything.

Tonight I got the audience singing an African song and it was magic to see their frightened faces (at the suggestion they had to sing) turn to joy as they realised that a good sing is good for the soul….

So sing in the shower, sing in the car (even when everyone is looking at you) and parp it out like your life depends on it – and watch your insides smile…

fa la la la la…..

One thought on “The power of singing

  1. Julian Latham says:

    Hi Clare,
    I am really keen to join a choir, especially one that sings different kinds of music, and was wondering whether you ever take new members in Notorious? I used to sing at university, and would like to get back into it!
    Best wishes, Julian

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