Good Karma

Too many blogs turn into rants (i’ve already fallen into that one!) and although I’m sure a few rants will turn up on this blog in the long run I would like to comment on some of the things that make the world go round.

There are some really nice people out there. I constantly aspire to be one. The sort of person that doesn’t just get in touch when there is something to acheive, they want something or when something is wrong – but instead the sort of person who takes the time to say hello just to be nice!

There are lost of these people about and this blog is to celebrate them. I’m not going to list all the lovely people I know (too many to mention). However there are a couple of notable ones that have stuck in my mind and made the last few weeks of constant trouble shooting worthwhile.

So – Katie Beswick – Nizlopi’s tour manager. Not only is she very professional (she always answers your calls and replies to your queries and does what she says she will) but she is also really nice! She will always make the time to thank you after you have worked together. She has even been known to send random emails when there is nothing to say but “keep up the good work”. There is nothing like opening up an email that puts a spring in your step…

David Nikel – hardly know the bloke but has gone out of his way to be supportive and his emails always say more than just what he has to say…. Nice!

Paul Fielding – a stockbroker at Brewin Dolphin and a new board member for Gigbeth (in fact all the board members are lovely) but not only has Paul got actively involved and got his firm to sponsor our conference bag – he also has a tendency to send random emails of kindness….

Pete Ashton – hardly know Pete properly either – but will do when I get my life back after Gigbeth. He seems to quietly but fairly keep a watchful eye on those of us who are mad enough to run creative events – and in doing that his enthusiasm is infectious…

Actually – you know what – rather than going on all night – I might just have to make this a regular good karma blog!

It’s rather nice to get your kicks from complimenting people – I recommend more of us try it! 🙂

One thought on “Good Karma

  1. bobbiejane says:

    Hi Clare,

    Welcome to the blogging community! I hope all the Gigbeth preparations are running as smoothly as possible. I have uploaded some Gigbeth Music Project footage on my blog-

    I am new to video editing larky and hopefully will have a better version up soon.

    Thanks for having us and giving us the opportunity to work on an exciting challenge!

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