Apologies for radio silence!

Hi sorry – for being a quiet blogger. Have been a tiny bit busy and just getting my breath back! Also – after someone helpfully programmed my laptop to pick up wireless reception at South Birmingham College during Gigbeth – I now can’t get wireless internet in my house. No amount of turning it off and on again or pressing buttons is helping – so needless to say blogging has been difficult. I’ve therefore not been able to tell you about buying my iphone and being 10th in the queue (yes 10th!) or about my daughters 5th birthday party – where we all went pond dipping!But I will get on it promise!My mum’s having a hip replaced today so a bit distracted – but will get something up by the end of the week…  

One thought on “Apologies for radio silence!

  1. Stef says:

    Ah – that old chestnut. It’s probably something like the ‘TCP/IP’ settings being set specifically to use a particular network. If you go into Control Panel and click “Location”, then choose “New Location” and call it Home, then set Airport to Automatic and in the TCP/IP tab choose “Using DHCP”, and in Proxies make sure there’s nothing in there other than “Configure Proxies: Manually” set, and then click Apply Now that should do the trick…

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