Why am I on so many bloody committees?

Well – people often ask me this question with a puzzled (why bother?) look on their faces. Well really – because I enjoy it. If you want a better analysis then there are three reasons:

  1. I am always too easily flattered when people ask me and I’m crap at saying no.
  2.  If I am of any use to the people I work with then I get a warm fuzzy feeling inside.
  3. I learn a huge amount by being involved and learn even more about myself.

 I joined the governing body of my old Junior school in 2000 because I had just moved back into Acocks Green and wanted to get back involved in the area (I grew up in Acocks Green but then spent some time away in Sheffield and in Stechford). I also had a work motive as I worked with a lot of schools some who used to use their governors as an excuse not to try new things – so I thought I would check out how it really works. I quickly became chair, helped amalgamate the Juniors and Infants and then stepped down from Chair after having my second child. I love being involved with the school – and it has taken on a whole new meaning since my eldest child started there in September. What a great school!I joined the Regional Arts Council Board some years ago as I have never wanted to work as an Arts Council officer – but I did want to understand more about how it worked. I was delighted to be excepted on the board and have found the whole experience really eye opening and hopefully I have been able to bring my particular passion for community arts to the table! I also Chair Sound it Out Community Music – a great organisation that I used to work for and many moons ago they gave me my first voluntary experience when I was just starting out in the arts… Sound It Out changes lives through music – it has certainly changed mine – so being on the board is a no brainer… !BIZARRE! I’ve just picked up a message (half way through typing this) from someone who has rung to see if I want to Chair another board. How weird… I’m flattered to be asked – but maybe this is one I should turn down… That wouldn’t be a first – but I’d be proud of myself all the same!I’m going to have to watch my bad habits. Or are they bad habits – just as long as I can afford the time? I’m also involved in the boards of the fabulous Black Voices and Moby Duck – that I really enjoy contributing to as much as I can.I’m mindful of this just as I embark on a freelance career and already my diary for January (my first month freelance) include (on top of the boards I’m on) 3 full days of meetings I’m being asked to contribute to to help other organisations…Well – I’ll phone that person back tomorrow and see why this other board thinks I can help them! I’ll let you know how it goes…

One thought on “Why am I on so many bloody committees?

  1. clareedwards says:

    Oh – by the way – why can I not get all the gaps between the paragraphs to work – it is driving me mad…

    … and while you’re at it – join a committee!

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