Enjoying Music

I had some really good responses to my other blog about enjoying music and I am just inspired to do a quick post following the Notorious Christmas concerts at the weekend. We had a great concert – despite some well documented setbacks – and seeing the high that the singers were on following the concert just reminds me that there is no substitute for joining in with music to enhance your enjoyment.Following my suggestion that the CBSO let listeners have a dance floor during some concerts – it seems that they already do this at their children/family concerts. The children are encouraged to move to enjoy the music. Maybe it’s time to let the adults have the same chance? Or would it be a flop because we would all be too self conscious?Notorious did a second gig at the weekend that was a ‘join in with Christmas Carols with Notorious Concert’ at the lovely Kitchen Garden in in Kings Heath. There was a really good audience – but they were very shy about joining in… Those that did had a great time – but there was the usual reluctance from many. We need to free adults up to enjoy music the way that children so naturally do….Also – on a related note – I bought a Wii a couple of weeks ago and my favourite game is the Guitar Heroes one where you get to play along with a load of rock anthems!  Some of those songs would do not much for me on their own – but when you get to play along…. well let’s say… my inner rock chic has been discovered! Merry Christmas 

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