Saturday at MIDEM

After getting up at 3.30am and being driven at lightning speed to the airport by Kevin Da Costa from the Arts Councilwe successfully arrived in Nice just after 9am french time. The view from the PlaneThis is my second year at MIDEM so I know my way around. I’m staying in the same apartment block as last year – although my room has the most incredible view of the sea! Cannes HarbourI’m a bit cheesed off though because the wireless is broken and my plan of talking to my kids over ichat video each day is now scuppered :-(I checked in and got my MIDEM bag (very nasty colour) I wish I’d brought a Gigbeth bag to carry around instead and followed that by a traditional 2 hour french lunch and ate the biggest salad ever!Met a couple of people, and then browsed the Cannes Sales.Market in Cannes Cannes own Oxford Street… I also spent a little time star watching (with no luck) outside the Palais as the NRJ Music Awards were on. NRJ Music Awards - the crowds outsideI then got ready to go out for a meal of cheese and more cheese at the most amazing restaurant in Nice – followed by discovering a cool little music bar and listening to some Ninja Tunes with Kevin and a couple of his friends who live in Nice. Ninja Tune FlyerIts so nice to go into a venue and find that you are not this oldest in there, the music is good and the atmosphere was good (shame about the extortionate drinks prices!) Walking back from Nice

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