Monday at MIDEM part one

Today has a much better energy about it. Everyone is doing deals – I’ve met some genuinely interesting people and made some links that might just come to something – so I’m pleased too. I also had a very nice lunch in the sun (thanks Phil and Ken) and have spent some time putting the world to rights. We had a very upsettin incident on our stand though. Khaliq got a nasty electric shock off one of the power points that looked put together with tape. He’s been to hospital to have all the tests and so far it looks like he is going to be ok – but I have a feeling he won’t be partying much tonight. I have just been to a fascinating and inspirational talk with Peter Gabriel which I wanted to blog about before I go off to the British Music Showcases this evening. Peter Gabriel in ConversationHe made some very good points – and when asked about the way things are going for record labels he said “many wonderful new things grow out of corpses!”. He has some very interesting projects underway trying new ways to make the music industry work – and whatever you think of them – you can’t argue with his innovation. He has won MIDEM’s Personality of the Year award and I didn’t hear anyone arguing with that. His new download site We7 is certainly worth a look.Peter Gabriel in ConversationAnyway – I’m off now to listen to some music – hurrah!It’s Chico time…

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