Sunday at MIDEM

Sunday is the day when everything kicks off at Midem – not much conferencing but lots of meetings and stands to wander round and people to chat to. Today was no exception – I now have lots of business cards in my bag and more cds than I can realistically carry home – so I have to try and listen to them now. After all the business was over I had a few more meetings ‘over drinks’ and then was off to a meal with music industry types from the West Midlands. We have a stand representing the West Midlands that is a great way to promote the region and have a base for all the companies from the area. British Midlands StandThe big showcase tonight was music from China – and unfortunately the meal finished too late for us to go along – but we have been given some CDs in our delegate packs and there is some fantastic Chinese music amongst those. Se some of us headed off to find some other music and failed miserably (boo) so we headed to where most delegates gather (in either the Carlton or Martinez Hotels) and bumped into some interesting people. Here is Lee from Ditto  with singer James Blunt. Lee and James!Not only was it funny getting this piccies but is sparked a rather interesting conversation about how we all felt about his music and what is represents to us…. More on that later!

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