Real good at Realtone House

I went to visit one of Birmingham’s newest studio spaces last week – Realtone House – 34 Cliveland Street, Birmingham B19 3SH. There is no website as yet as they have literally just opened but you can email Bal on if you want to have a look around. They have a sizeable dance studio with a sprung floor and recording studio and live room with all the kit. The place has been put together nicely with good areas for people to break out if there are events on etc. This project has not had public funding behind it and so Bal should be congratulated for pulling together such a big project. I will certainly be hiring space there – and by the sounds of it we need to get in early asthe level of interest in the space is already high…

One thought on “Real good at Realtone House

  1. Anthony Hughes says:

    I can second this. I have been working closely with Bal over the last year and see his vision of a music media hub come to life right in the heart of Birmingham. It’s an amazing achievement and he has worked tirelessly to get there.

    There is a production and post production music studio, photography studio, the dance space mentioned, IT facilities and access to print based and net based marketing and pr solutions. I would recommend people get in touch with Realtone and make use of this great resource.


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