Tuesday at Midem

Well today is just a half day – as I’m off home on a plane to my lovely family this afternoon.I started the day with I quick session on the British Midlands at Midem stall to catch up with all the other folks. It turns out that Khaliq is very ill and has been kept in hospital over night for tests following his horrible electric shock on the stand. It brings it home to me as I was using that plug just before him – so it so easily could have been me. Best wishes to Khaliq for a speedy recovery.I then went off to the Music Week stand to get a discount on my subscription for this year and told them off for sending a journo to the first Gigbeth and never writing anything. I think we may resolve that this year!I then dashed off to some very interesting sessions on ‘How to make festivals green’ – a subject very dear to my heart and very useful and inspirational. Most of the talk was related to summer festivals in fields with camping – but through that I learned that city based festivals based in existing venues will always be the greenest (whoopie!). This is because people can get to city festivals more easily by public transport (discuss!) and there is less waste generated by paper cups etc. However following our partnership with Friends of the Earth this year I am keen to see what we can do to move even further on this in 2008. The journey home was easy. Saw Pete Townsend at the airport on his way homePete at the Airport! and some very nice views of the Alps from the plane!The Alps I also had a giggle to myself when I read the section on Birmingham in the BMI Baby magazine – it focussed on quirky gigs in Birmingham – so I thought who wrote this?  It turned out to be Pete Ashton of Created in Birmingham…. 🙂

One thought on “Tuesday at Midem

  1. Pete Ashton says:

    My god, that article has been read by so many people. I did it as a joke, thinking no-one would ever see it..

    The funny thing is I’ve never seen the finished piece so I’ve no idea exactly what I “said” after editing, etc. It’s like some kind of ghost Fake Pete out there.

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