Out of Office Replies

Is it just me – or does the whole world seem to have more time off than me? There are some very serious offenders – people who always seem to have their “I’m on annual leave until’ message on when I email them. Some people send them out even when you haven’t emailed them! And then there are those whose return date seems like a lifetime away – how do they manage it?Yes I’m freelance now – but I’ve have decent jobs with proper holiday entitlements – but I’m sure I’ve never managed to have my out of on as much as some… Am I missing something?As we approach Easter and my family will have two weeks off and I might only get 4 days – I’m feeling grumpy about having enough holiday… Do these people actually have holiday – or are they just showing off? 

4 thoughts on “Out of Office Replies

  1. Dave Harte says:

    You must be emailing university academics. They really are the worst offenders. Try emailing them in July and marvel at the ‘I am back in the office on September 15th’ messages you get back.


  2. bobbiejane says:

    I haven’t had a proper holiday in 2 years!

    But, (don’t mean to put salt in the wounds) am going back to Japan next week! A soak in an onsen is well over due!

    Still enjoying being my own boss! Even if it means I don’t know when to stop working…


  3. Nick Booth says:

    Clare you said it. You are self employed. Wait though until August when there are no customers left for you to do business with. Why not just book that month off and right a rather gleeful out of back bedroom message.

  4. plumsource says:

    Console yourself with the thought of how many hundreds of emails they’ll have to deal with on their return!

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