Abacus Residents like the Spotted Dog

News in today on the The Stirrer that John Tighe at The Spotted Dog has undertaken some research that indicates that the vast majority of the residents of the Abacus Apartments are happy with the level of noise from The Spotted Dog. It’s worth a read…I think that one of the biggest threats to Birmingham at the moment is the potential damage caused by problems with mixed use developments. Digbeth is (and is becoming increasingly) an important area for the city with the growing number of creative industries and venues of all kinds. If redevelopment of the area (the adding of apartments etc) leads to the shutting down of music venues and the moving in of chain pubs and eateries we will lose something special.We already have Brindley Place for that sort of night out. Digbeth is full of individually owned pubs and venues. I’m never scared of change and development – Birmingham has done well out of that in the last 20 years. However we should also learn from the mistakes of the past and not trash the treasures that are already there in the name of ‘progress’.We need more surveys like the one conducted by the Spotted Dog and then this information needs to be a welcome read for the Council who then have the power to stop the Noise Abatement nonsense and the power to make the most of Digbeth’s ‘grittyness’ as it grows into an even stronger creative quarter.Join the campaign here: www.keepdigbethvibrant.co.uk

2 thoughts on “Abacus Residents like the Spotted Dog

  1. john says:

    Meeting with Kent from The Rainbow and John Tighe from The Spotted this week to see if a Digbeth wide event might take place to raise dosh for a fighting fund. Dog focussed at first but what happens there will set the tone for everywhere else. Will mail you. Nice to see your blogging holiday over 🙂

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