What goes around, comes around

I like to think that when I set off every day I try to spread a bit of good karma. There is nothing I like more than being in full on rush hour traffic and being nice to people by letting them in or out or whatever it is. I also must have one of those face because I can’t walk through town or a busy place with a lost person sniffing me out and asking for directions. Unfortunately for them I know Birmingham so well I don’t know or need to know road names I just get about visually – so I’m not always as helpful as I try to be!

Anyway a little piece of good karma came back to me yesterday when a nice man called Colin found my new purse (with all my worldly goods – access to them in it) and phoned my mobile so I could come and pick it up unharmed. I had dropped it under Hockley Flyover as I had spent a happy hour down there yesterday measuring up for a show I’m working on with Soweto Kinch in May (more on that later).

As a female on my own down there I had been on my guard – conscious that I had my laptop and handbag and everything in it and even when I found out that to get the other end of the measuring tape to stand still I needed the weight of my bag to hold it down while I measured the big spaces I was very careful…

Anyway clearly as I got to my car and pulled out my car keys my purse must have made a run for it – because that is where Colin found it. Thanks mate!


3 thoughts on “What goes around, comes around

  1. john says:

    Top man Colin,

    Clare if ever you need: I used to be a ‘chain boy’. The boy who held the far end of the tape for the civil engineer when measuring on site. Better than a bag.

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