Passion, Commitment and a Great Day Out

Yesterday I put together a music show for the Jubilee Debt Campaign who were founded 10 years ago when the G8 came to Birmingham. They started through a huge act of protest over world debt when nearly 8000 people joined hands to demand that the chains of debt be broken from the world’s poorest countries.

Ten years on they are celebrating the fact that their protest and campaigning has made a huge difference but that there is still 80% of the debt to be cancelled. There was a big conference in the ICC and I put on the music outside.

Ulfah Arts Singing Group

Thanks to all those who performed: Khaliq, the Shofar Blowers, Azaad Dhol Group, Steve Yimga, Ulfah Singing Group, The Birmingham City All Stars, Raw Nerve Theatre Company, Soweto Kinch and the Dhol Blasters.

Steve Yimga

The square built up nicely early on, had a quiet period when lots of people went inside the ICC and then was pack at the end when people came out for the final act.

The Final Message from the crowd


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