Blog Crisis – what do y’reckon?

As you might have noticed – if you are one of my very select readers(!) – I have been a bit quiet of late. This is because:

1) I’m busy (not pompous enough to list why)

2) I’m feeling queasy about blogs that are used for self promotion and congratulation and don’t want to be part of that

3) I’ve never been much of a diary writer

4) I’m not entirely sure of the point


However, I like reading other people’s blogs because:

1) I learn stuff

2) I’m nosey

3) It seems quite a good way to catch up on people and news


So – what the hell should I blog about that would be useful, interesting and allow people a bit of nosey time?


I’ve just  had a bit of a holiday (where I bumped into Dave Harte in Disneyland – talk about surreal!) and so I’m trying to have a fresh look at all the things I do.


Before I went away I had what I thought was a brainwave as in one day I had a couple of conversations that shocked me about other people’s perception of me:

The first was with a professional colleague who I have a huge amount of respect for. She is very good at what she does and is very efficient and businesslike. Anyway I was feeling terrible as I had invited her to join a committee and she had agreed – but when I sent the papers out for her first meeting I sent them so all the members and held her email back so I could personalise it a bit and make her feel really welcome. Anyway in the end that good intention sat in my drafts box so long she didn’t get enough notice of the meeting and so couldn’t come. I phoned her to ‘fess’ up and grovel and I had the most surprising response.

Instead of a slightly grumpy response I got a delighted response along the lines of: “I’m so glad as now I am not so intimidated by you. People I meet say you are so good that I have been thinking that surely there must be cracks. Now you have shown me a crack I feel so much better!”

This took me back a bit – where does this image come from – I thought that I put out a bit of a rough around the edges image – enthusiastic and committed – but never perfect.

That same day I met with an old friend where it came out that a dear friend of mine who is expecting her first child is a bit panicked by the feeling that she will not be able to live up to my image as a working mother who effortlessly combines a serious career with kids. Sorry – effortlessly?

Have they seen me when the kids jump on my head at 7am – or after I’ve put them to bed and collapsed on the sofa?

No – but I am not trying to hide that bit of myself either?


So – I started to wonder. Should I focus my blog on:

– what I find hard

– mistakes I make

Perhaps this would be a bit more refreshing instead of a blog telling you a I won UK Young Music Entrepreneur 2008 (which I did and I’m still reeling from) and other such self-satisfied stuff…

If all six of you that read this want to give me some feedback I’ll do what I can to respond!



13 thoughts on “Blog Crisis – what do y’reckon?

  1. Chris says:

    Maybe just a mix of things that go right, things that go wrong and a few things you find interesting. That’d probably give a fair representation of what you’re up to.

  2. Antonio says:

    I always write as though no one’s read and I assume that no one will ever read. I kinda prevents me from writing things just to please people or having to come up with something interesting to read

  3. Pete Ashton says:

    I think you answered your question in the opening on this post. Blog about stuff you find online that’s interesting and inspirational. There’s nothing wrong with a blog full of links. That’s what blogging started out as!

    In other words, curate the internet as seen by Clare. I’d be interested in that.

  4. Annie says:

    A bit of everything adds interest and keeps it real.

    Speaking as someone who has seen you when the kids are crawling all over you, or when you’re collapsed on the sofa at the end of the evening, I have to say, still inspirational.

    Dunno how you do it but will keep reading this blog in the hope of getting some ideas 😉

  5. bobbiejane says:

    I like hearing about the self-promo stuff, cause creatives I know and like tend to be very modest about what they do, and I don’t find out their achievements at all!

    Although funnily enough my most popular blog posts are the ones about problems/issues in the sector.

  6. Nick Booth says:

    I think I might know the first person you mentioned.

    On top of the other comments it also helps to think of your blog as a place to ask for help and a place to collaborate. You don’t need to have all the answers to blog!

    Equally if you are an intermittent blogger don’t worry. It’s a legit thing to do.

  7. Dave Harte says:

    Seeing you today reminded me that I’d read this and failed to reply. As I said today to you I kind of like having an outlet for writing and I’ll happily write about most aspects of what I get up to. Not all though. My kids and wife haven’t given me permission to tell the world about their lives so they remain characters on the periphery of But if I dig up a lovely looking spud, or do well in a race I’ll tell the world – it’s good to have a place to do that. I worry a little about frequency so as Pete mentions above I’ve started posting some links up as well as normal posts.

    Be interesting to hear you talk about what you find difficult as you plan and manage events, that would be useful learning stuff for a lot of people I reckon. I would be wary of dwelling on mistakes too much unless there’s something specific you want to work through in public about learning from them.

    Overall though I’ll read anything you write – you remain firmly fixed on my RSS reader.


  8. Jaki Booth says:

    I had no idea you’d written this. I wrote my first blog post yesterday, having had completely similar worries about ego, diary writing and point. Actually in the end I just enjoyed writing and getting some comments back.

    Rather like at Board meetings, I just enjoy talking and getting some comments back.

    It’s a pleasure to work with you Clare, and only improved for seeing the warts. Perfect working parents – that is us!

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