Thursday night

Tonight we went into the buzzing centre of Bangalore. The trip in the taxi was interesting too – we are still adjusting to the Indian roads:

We went for a South Indian veggie meal which was delicious and experience the obligatory power cut!




Pubs are getting bigger in India and so we went to a pub that sells ONLY beer and plays slightly aged rock music and shows cricket. So I tried to drink beer – but didn’t do very well – Stephen and Adam had to finish mine for me!

Me trying to drink beer
The walk back to the taxi was pretty treacherous – going over roads with no obvious places to cross and jumping over open sewers!

We are back now and preparing for our meetings tomorrow. We are meeting with Gaurav Vaz who is Co-owner of Media VerVe and who won the Indian equivalent of my award (we met up with him tonight in fact so the ice is well and truly broken). Then he will take us over to the Landmark store which is one of the few stores that sells cds and books in India. Apparently many of the pure record shops have shut down.

Then we are off to meet Radio Indigo who are India’s only international hit station.

There are more meetings – but that will do for now. Any questions from colleagues in Birmingham that I should pose tomorrow? 

Let me know.

4 thoughts on “Thursday night

  1. Jaki Booth says:

    Looks fantastic. Do they mix music and ale at their “gigs”? I’m intrigued by the difference between “popular” music – need a pint in the hand and classical – a comfy seat. I wonder what it’s like around the globe…

  2. clareedwards says:

    Well there is currently a problem with licensing. Technically in Bangalore – you can’t play live music in the same place as alcohol and have dancing!

    It was used to crack down on lap dancing type joints but now means people in night clubs get told off if they dance to the music.

    We are off out tomorrow night to see it in action (or not as the case may be) for ourselves!!

  3. Rachel Burrows says:

    wow – bird with beer, that’s a sight I never thought I’d see! No dry white wine then! Hope you managed a mouthful or two!

    Have a fabulous trip – looking forward to reading more traveller’s tales!

    Any Indian media contacts would be gratefully received!

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