Monday morning in Mumbai

We started the morning with a meeting in our hotel lobby with two dynamic young music entrepreneurs from Mumbai. Nihar Manwatkar and Viraj Sawant run anEcho and amongst other things they run rehearsal studios, promote independent Indian music events, work with educational establishments to educate young people in independent Indian music and engage the corporate world through imaginative music projects. They are also working with In The City in Manchester with the ambition of bringing that event to India in 2010.

They spoke of the same restrictions that hold the music industry back in India that have been mentioned by other people so far – but they were looking at their own solutions and had an optimism that was infectious. We quizzed them long and hard on the industry as they see it and they recommended some of the top bands coming out of India at the moment. So these are:

1) Pentagram

2) Avial

3) East India Company

4) Junkyard Groove

5) Lounge Piranha

and of course the one that comes up alot: Raghu Dixit

If you are Indian and reading this and you think I have missed someone please add them on a comment below!

I have my favourites – but have a listen and tell me what you think!! I’m befriending Nihar and Viraj on Facebook – so I’m sure they would like to hear some views!

I’ll find out if Stephen wants to do a guest blog as the tastemaker amongst us!

Here’s a piccie of our hotel lobby to set the scene.


2 thoughts on “Monday morning in Mumbai

  1. Tas says:

    To add to the list of some good independent music out of India
    Indigo Children
    Will add more as I remember them xx

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