Sunday in Mumbai


Sunday was a day of travelling to Mumbai. Our first meeting here has been moved to Wednesday so we had a bit of free time to explore Mumbai. As Tas who works for the British Council here lives in Mumbai – we had the best kind of guide.

I started drafting this post earlier in the day with comments about how brilliant our hotel is (very posh) but having spent a few hours in Mumbai I am left with a range of more overwhelming feelings.

View from my room:


For a start – just stepping off the plane here you realise that you have travelled North to a hotter, stickier climate. Bangalore was warm but fresh. Here – even though you are by the sea the hot polluted air is very tangible.

The other thing you notice straight away are the children begging and trying to sell you things. We have bought sweets now to give them as money only goes on drugs for their parents. I found all this a bit hard. We had one little boy follow us a long way tugging at our trousers and generally not taking no for an answer. He was the same age as my youngest child and I struggled to stay detached. We are here on a tour looking at the music industry and we keep coming back to how much the government need to do to support the industry – but in Mumbai you get an illustration of the other kinds of problems that might be taking up their time.

Tas took us to the beach. On a Sunday night the beach is a place for families. It was packed – and quite magical! I have a couple of pictures but they don’t do it justice. As far as the eye could see families were sitting together, paddling in the sea and eating from the very reasonable and delicious street food sellers.


Beach 2

We then went off for lovely meal that cost us about £2 each and back to Tas’s house to meet her Mum and Grandfather. We were all stuffed – but food came out for us to try and Adam did his best to polish off a whole plate of Tas’s Mum’s cooking!

But the main feature of the evening was the Rickshaws – we braved about 4 journeys over the course of the evening and here is a video of our first shaky journey! If you look carefully you will see us over take Claire and Tas wacky races stylie and how the drivers don’t use their mirrors to look at the roads but to look at their passengers!

2 thoughts on “Sunday in Mumbai

  1. Richard says:

    Hi I think your blog is great-a really good postcard of your visit. Love the wacky races rickshaws. Don’t get too used to your life of luxury. See you soon.x.x.x

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