Tuesday 18th Nov part 2

We met with Rishi Shah who publishes Rave Magazine (amongst other things!) this morning and he was fascinating!

gallery_coversRishi was able to share with us his story outlining how he has launched and sustained a music magazine in an environment where advertising has decreased and new technologies have demanded new business models. He also gets involved in event and instructional dvds – showing the diverse business model that seems very usual in India. 

He talked passionately about the emerging music scene in India and is very keen to make links with the UK where appropriate. He was able to talk really intelligently about how Adam, Stephen and I might be able to apply our work in India – I think I heard an offer to write an article on Rough Trade in a future magazine…

One thought on “Tuesday 18th Nov part 2

  1. Neil Cocker says:

    Hi Clare.

    Just stumbled across your blog via the British Council. Really interesting stuff. I’m very jealous of your adventure, and sounds like you’re having a great time.

    Interesting to hear about the 60 percent taxes on tickets, no dancing rules, and multi-enterprise attitude of entrepreneurs out there.

    Anyway, hope you continue to have a fantastic time. You should check out http://www.bricpop.com, a site about the creative industries in the BRIC countries.

    I’ve just spent a few days at Swn fest (www.swnfest.com) which is very similar to Gigbeth, and met Andrew Dubber for the first time. You should try to make it next year, and maybe I could introduce you to the guys that run it. I’m sure there’s potential for crossover or mutual benefit.

    Right, keep up the good work. Just thought I’d pop in and say hello with a few thoughts that occurred while reading your blog.


    p.s. Check out http://www.noccinet.com (my creative industries network) or http://www.neilcocker.com, my blog.

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