Thursday 20th Nov

We had a meeting cancelled today – so all we had on was a lunch with three local journalists. This was a really good and different insight to the people we had chatted to before. The journalists were from Rolling Stone magazine and Time Out Mumbai. 

We had a good chat about their perspective on the music industry in India, traded a few band names and talked about the rise of niche markets in India. We again asked about the kind of trends that were obviously visible with young people and it seems that the first niche to rise up visibly is Metal in that young people can be seen dressing in black with band t-shirts etc and affiliating themselves with certain bands. Perhaps there could be some good stories and material for Capsule‘s Home of Metal project in Birmingham!

After this we went on the tourist trail looking at the South part of Mumbai – not really all that far – but the traffic could take over 2 hours so we went on the Mumbai trains:



Tas our brilliant British Council guide went straight the front of the long queues for tickets as we were buying first class tickets. This upset our English sensibilities – so we hung at the back and took pictures and tried not to look conspicuous!


Here was a sign we all wanted a picture of:

Job Ad

and the platforms fascinated us all:




and a bit of video for atmosphere!

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