Friday 21st November

This morning we met up with Anand Sorapur from Phat Phish Records in Mumbai. This was a really important meeting for me as Anand is doing a range of work that involves discovering and working with indigenous communities that make music throughout India. They have a commercial arm to the work that they do with the record label but also spend time looking for and nurturing musicians because they believe in what they do musically. So I talked to them about the work that Sound It Out does in Birmingham as Phat Phish seem to have a very similar ethos.

Phat Phish also have ambitious plans to give the music they discover a high profile platform on prime time tv allowing local music to break out of its local constraints and have a wider audience. I will be looking out for that on the internet!


In the afternoon we met with Vishal & Shekhar who are the highly successful Bollywood composers who have been involved in many smash hits (including Dostana which we saw at the weekend!). If you read their Wikipedia you will see just how prolific they are. Vishal is also the lead singer in Pentagram the successful Indian band that we keep hearing about and he sings many of the Bollywood tracks too.

They were able to talk more about the music writing process for Bollywood films and sill us in with a few stories from the stars too!

Vishal and Shekhar

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