Saturday at Blue Frog

Saturday evening we travelled towards the south of Mumbai to visit Blue Frog – Mumbai’s newest music venue. The club has been really well put together and is a quite beautiful venue. Although the clubs plays host to a wide range of musicians it certainly has the feel of an up market jazz club where you can dine and listen to music – or just come in and listen. Certainly the programme has its fair share of jazz and you can see why it would work:

Blue Frog1

Blue Frog2


They have big screens in the roof and so I talked about the Mother India – 21st Century Remix that has been put together by Kalaphool in the UK – it would work really well here.

I also did a bit of a plug for Soweto Kinch – because I think he would work really well in this space too!

We also went behind the club where they have the Blue Frog record label and production studios. The studios are state of the art and really well put together so that they are nice places to hang out and do your recordings. Apparently A R Rahman loves these studios and uses them overnight when he is putting things together!

and you can see why:

Blue Frog studios

Blue Frog studios2

2 thoughts on “Saturday at Blue Frog

  1. Mahesh says:

    Hey Clare, nice photos and words, thank you! We are slowly recovering from all the horrible stuff that’s been going on here.
    Hope to see you back at the Blue Frog sometime.

  2. clareedwards says:

    Thanks Mahesh – I was gutted to hear about the attacks – hope you and yours are all ok. We are thinking of you all here.

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