Tasneem Vahanvaty is a Project Manager at the British Council in Bombay. Tas has been the very best kind of host that Stephen, Adam and I could have hoped for. Claire from the British Council in London has also been a great companion on this trip – but I know that she won’t mind if I dedicate this post to Tasneem.

Tas has organised a really good tour for us here. We have met a real range of music industry companies and individuals – as I’m sure anyone reading this blog can testify.

On reflection we all feel that we have all benefitted from this trip and we all feel pretty confident that we will use the knowledge and contacts we now all have in the future. We will be feedback back more formally to the British Council but we have a lot of positive news to share.

But Tas has gone beyond the call of duty (her mum has hardly seen her!) and has taken us out for a range of different Indian cuisines – ordering for us – advising us on what to eat (and what NOT to eat!). Therefore we can all report no signs of Delhi belly and instead of losing weight – we have all gained a few pounds through the delicious food and drink!

She has also given us a really honest picture of the music industry in India and you can see that the relationships that she has with the people we meet are really good as they all have a lot of complimentary things to say about her…. and so now do we!

Thanks Tas!! xxx




This blog post would not be complete without saying thank you to Nerindra who was out driver in Bombay who put up with picking us up and dropping us off at endless meetings, restaurants and cafes and more! He also got up unfeasably early to take Stephen and I to see the early morning fish market:


3 thoughts on “Tasneem

  1. Claire de Braekeleer says:

    Excuse me, I think what I meant to say was ‘hear, hear!’ Claire of Braekeleer would never make such mistakes…

  2. Tas says:

    Reading this is quite embarassing… but hand on my heart you’ll were a treat to be around..the trip wouldn’t be what it was without each one of you’ll..It’s been a fun 2 weeks for me too. Look forward to seeing you back here soon xx

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