Are you not in in the mornings?

This was the cry of a perturbed delivery man who banged on my home front door at 6pm this evening.

‘Erm… no… we work’ came my reply.

Now is it me – or is this fairly typical? You order something online – they try to deliver – you are out.

Now I work from home – but I still have to go out. Amazon and the like aren’t able to give you an exact time for delivery – and I am not able to stay in all day just in case a delivery comes.

I’m happy to pick up when I am in – but usually the sorting office is only open when we are at work too – so we generally end up going on a Saturday – by which time my registered delivery is often out of date!

Are we so unusual as to not be in during the day? Should the delivery man be quite so stroppy about it?



3 thoughts on “Are you not in in the mornings?

  1. Chris says:

    I’m lucky both ways – I work from home and the sorting office (which opens dead early) is only a couple of mins walk from my door. So, um… nope, looks like I’m just boasting, sorry about that.

    If I’m happy then it’s only because I remember the bad old days when I only ever ordered anything online if I was reasonably sure it could fit through my letter box.

  2. Annie says:

    we’ve always said we’d pay a small premium on delivery to guarantee delivery after 7pm on a week day.

    the royal mail collection desk isn’t too far away but if the delivery company is one of the big couriers we’ve had to go miles before now to pick something up, so frustrating to pay for delivery, and then end up collecting!

    still, i’d rather that than have things left obviously on the doorstep, which used to happen with alarming frequency.

  3. Barry White says:

    I’ve added my work address to the Amazon address book. Big thick books and small awkward-shaped parcels now get delivered to the office. It saves a lot of hassle.

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