Sing Up in (da) House!

I’ve been working on one of those jobs that makes my work such a pleasure recently. I was asked by Sing Up – the National Singing Campaign led by Howard Goodall to run their celebration event on 14th March 09. This was exciting enough – but then it transpired that the venue was the Royal Opera House in London.

I don’t just blog work stuff – but this event was one of those special memories worth recording. Yes, it was a logistical challenge (polite term for it!) – 600 performers made up of primary aged children and their teachers and a 2000 strong capacity audience!

But more importantly the spirit of the day was really amazing and the quality of the singing of the young people was stunning. Amazing moments included Howard Goodall turning up and the choir from Lichfield stopping their performance to sing ‘The Lord is my Shepherd’ which is Howard’s theme tune from the Vicar of Dibley! He was mighty chuffed!

The group coming from Sing Up Burton were so impressed that they were singing at the ROH that they had asked their teachers if the red carpet would be out for them! As it happens one of the entrances to the ROH has a red carpet and so they were very impressed with that and they fact that when they went on the backstage tour we’d organised – they got to the see the Royal Box and the Royal Loo (yes there is one!).

Anyway – here are some pics:




and on the way home the wonderful Brummie event team that came with me sat in First Class eating takeaway Pizza – classy!


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