MELTing music

A few months ago I was asked to get involved in a European project called MELT. It is quite an experimental project bringing together musicians from Birmingham, Genoa, Istanbul, Vienna and Sighişoara.

The project has been going for a while now and involves musicians working together to ‘melt’ their cultures and make new music.

For this final leg of the project there was an ambition to bring choirs from different communities of Birmingham together as part of the ‘melting’. Ian Chapman – crazy composer aka Gurdan Thomas is the overall music director from Birmingham and was commissioned to write a MELT choral symphony for our performance on March 18th.

I was then dispatched to teach parts of the symphony to Muslim women’s choir – the Ulfah Collective, the Catholic School choir at English Martyrs in Sparkhill and to my choir Notorious. We also worked with singers from the Zawiya in Birmingham.

We weren’t quite sure how it would all come together – but it did in the end was possibly one of the most moving performances I’ve been involved with for a long time. I need to get some piccies – and I’ll add them to the blog when they arrive!

The project is a credit to Claire Marshall – someone who I’ve worked with for years who is the Birmingham/UK Co-ordinator of MELT.

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