Seven things you’d never need to know about me

It seems that I overlooked a challenge set by Jaki Booth in February to write ‘Seven things you’d never need to know about me’. But now I’ve seen it I feel the need to rise to the challenge – and it is quite hard  – not sure how much of this will be news to you but:

1) I love cooking and entertaining – in fact last year I won our choir’s in house version of ‘Come Dine with Notorious’.

2) I married my childhood sweetheart – meeting Richard when I was 17 on the Birmingham School’s Symphony Orchestra trip to Paris in 1991.

3) I am scared of spiders and most creepy crawlies – in fact it’s not a joke I have nightmares and everything!

4) I love gardening – but I don’t really research it – it is more of a hit and miss approach of planting things and see what happens. We also have Koi pond and I get over excited by the frog spawn every year.

5) I can’t do small talk – nothing strikes fear into my heart like being put on a table of people I don’t know at a wedding!

6) I have my grade 8 clarinet and bassoon – but they are both dusty and in a cupboard at present (maybe when I retire eh?)

7) I have moved back to the part of Birmingham where I grew up and my daughters both attend my old Primary School


I need to pass on the 7 things to 7 people! So:

– John Mostyn

– Claire Burgess

– Adrian Burrows

– Bobbie Gardner

– Frankie Ward

– Rich Batsford

– Gurdan Thomas

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