Sharpening My Edge

I’m on a course at the moment that I am finding inspirational and so I thought I’d share my experiences with you. Sharpening Your Edge is a strengths based leadership course for women who are at senior positions in their career. Each cohort is a small one with one half a a dozen women on it – so the approach is very personal and therefore really useful.

The course is run by the inspirational coach and trainer Carol Coombes who used to work for Caret but now runs courses and projects on a freelance basis. The course starts with the Strength Finder which is a psychometric test that gives you your top 7 strengths and the whole course looks at how you can use your strengths to get even better at what you do rather than focussing the whole time on your weaknesses.

You do 1 day per month for 6 months. I’ve done 2 months so far and I’m already benefitting (I can’t wait to see how I feel at the end!). We have been looking at how your energy works throughout the day and what things feed your positive energy and what things zap your energy. I’ve already used this to help me with those days when you look at your to do list and just can’t get started! I’ve also used what I’ve learned as I’ve passed some of it on to people who I have some responsibility for managing and/or motivating. And it seems to work!

I’ve already realised why I hate small talk, why I love problem solving and why I spend all my time being conscious of what I don’t know. I guess the thing is now to use what I’ve learned to to work smarter not harder.

I know that it can all sound a bit like hocus pocus – but actually I was quite cynical about psychometric tests – and now I’m rethinking my position.

I thought that I would keep you posted about how the day’s affect my working days as the rest of the days unfold. Apparently I’ll have a personal 5 year plan by the end of it and as that will take me up to 40 – I’m quite keen to see what I write!!

2 thoughts on “Sharpening My Edge

  1. clareedwards says:

    Hi Justice – it is a great course. Not sure what Carol’s plans are for the next cohort which I know there is one. Do you have her email address?

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