I’m Fasting for Ramadan

Ok, so most of you will have picked up from my endless twittering that I’m fasting for Ramadan as an experiment for BBC West Midlands. They have asked me to try fasting for the first week of Ramadan (22nd – 29th August) to see how a non-Muslim gets on and I have to blog each day about my experience. They have had Muslims blogging in past years and this year they wanted to try a new perspective!

I’ve explained on the BBC Blog page why I’m doing this so you can check it out there – they are also putting up my radio interviews on the site so you can listen to those and see how I get on. I’m expecting it to get more interesting as the week goes on the hunger pangs kick in!

Also – I’m going to twitter constantly (what’s new I hear you cry!) and I’m going to go to some of the late night meals with local Muslim families. I’m really lucky to have a really global network of Muslim friends and colleagues who will be egging me on. For example Marwa Soudi from Egypt was the person who suggested to me in June that I should consider fasting for the mental challenges and Halim Karam from Morroco has been recording some simple prayers for me to recite around the opening and closing of the fast.

I know most of my Birmingham friends think I’m mad and I expect to be taunted by Mars Bars – but I’m going to do my best to be strong! Wish me luck and follow me on the BBC website.

Happy Ramadan!

3 thoughts on “I’m Fasting for Ramadan

  1. Will says:

    I’m sure you’ve already been told, but my recommendation is porridge before sunrise and sipping water and the occasional date after sunset, just to give your stomach some warning.

    You did have to decide to do your first fast in the summer didn’t you 🙂

    I did my first fast in the summer too – I found it really hard for the first few days – especially around 3pm when my body finally seemed to twig that I wasn’t about to have a cup of tea.

    After the first few days things settled down and I really started to feel the benefits.

    If you are religious then God be with you and may your Fast be accepted.

    If not then best of luck and beware of Mars Bars.

  2. Barnard says:


    Either go through to EID or don’t start

    Lent is 40 days long

    So just Why are you doing this unless
    you want to go the whole mutton !


  3. clareedwards says:

    It’s a good point Barnard. My plan is to go on longer than the week suggested by Radio WM but I will stop when I want to as I don’t follow any religion and so I tend to make my own rules!

    I am doing this to try it and I hope that I will do it for long enough to experience some of the positive effects described to me by my Muslim friends. So watch this space and you can judge how I get on.

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