Calcutta was a whirlwind for me. I arrived at Calcutta airport after a pretty difficult journey (difficult transfer at Mumbai Aiport) at 9am in the morning. Everyone else in the party had arrived the night before and so had got a night of sleep in and were settling into the day as I arrived at the apartment.

We were whisked off to a meeting with some local promoters who talked to us about the live scene in India and Calcutta specifically.

Dubber and Jez’s India blog is a good place to see some video footage too of those conversations.

We were staying with Jay Singh and her lovely family. They have an apartment full of books and music and we had the apartment upstairs. As a result of this we were treated to home cooked food throughout our stay (which was amazing) and on the final night Jay and her family have a band called Pink Noise – they are Jay (singing),  Amyt (guitar), Gyan (Bass), Jiver (Drums). We all crammed in to their little music room to listen to three songs. You can hear those same songs on their Myspace page.

Here are some piccies and video from our private concert!

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