I’m running from/for Sound It Out

As some of you might know I have been very proud to be the Chair of Sound It Out for the past few years and I take any opportunity to talk about the amazing, transformational work that they do.

Well for personal reasons I’m stepping down as Chair in September and have decided to leave a parting gift (and a bit of entertainment) in the form of running the Birmingham Half Marathon and raising money for Sound It Out.

The Marathon is on 24th October and I’m currently training about 3 times per week, running about 10k as often as I can but sometimes just managing 6k.

Over the next few weeks I need a big push to get closer to the 20k mark and work on my speed if I’m going to make it. It scares me if I’m honest – but all the best things do!

I want to also use the opportunity to shout about Sound It Out and it’s work in the region transforming lives through music making. The term community music strikes fear in the heart of many – often considered a bit hippy and tree hugging and maybe not all that good.

However all the projects (and I mean all the projects) that Sound It Out initiates are of such a high professional quality, from the musicians employed through to the meticulous planning done by our fab team.

As someone who started as a volunteer for Sound It Out in 1994 and then becoming their part time Administrator in 1996 I have seen the effect of their projects first hand.

Over the years I have seen young people progress from situations where school and post-school prospects were bleak to having the self esteem and associated skills through music to become massively successful individuals in their own right. I’ve got to know adults who for a number of reasons have been housebound for years and after music making in their homes with Sound It Out have ventured out to group music making events because of the sense of purpose and wellbeing they have felt through music.

So I want to raise as much money as I can for this brilliant organisation!

So sponsor me here please!

2 thoughts on “I’m running from/for Sound It Out

  1. Rachel Burrows says:

    Wishing you all the encouragement in the world! You will get round, rest assured, and you will not be last! Fantastic cause and great event too. We’ll really miss you as Chair but this is a lovely parting gift.


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