Campaign Update

Here are the details for Monday’s Sing for Sound It Out:

Time and date: Monday 11th April 2011 1pm – 1.30pmish

Place: Outside the Arts Council Offices on 82 Granville Street Birmingham B1 2LH. I will be waiting over the road on the pavement from 12.30pm – don’t turn up before this time. You will spot me holding some banners!!

The Plan: To sing 3 or 4 simple songs. Email me (if you haven’t already and I’ll send you the words and the music to swat up on. They are  simple and can be learned on the day – but in case you want to come prepared. Anyone can sing the stuff and join in there will be plenty of us and it’ll be fun!

The Point: to hand in the petition names so far to the Arts Council with a letter asking them to reconsider their decision to cut Sound It Out’s ACE funding by 100%. We want to make our point peacefully and respectfully and let the Arts Council know how much Sound It Out is loved and needed.

Wear: Anything you like but if you have clothes that incorporate any of our logo colours (light blue, green and and yellow) then wear them!

Bring: yourself! and if you are so inclined video cameras and stills cameras and put the piccies up on your facebook and twitter pages if you have them!

In advance: Tell everyone you know to sign the petition -we need as many names as possible by Monday.

Youtube: I’m hoping to film the event and pop it on YouTube with some interviews of people involved. Please let me know if you would rather not be filmed. We can then all share that video on all our facebook pages and get the word out after Monday as well…

THANK YOU EVERYONE – you’ve all been amazingly supportive so far!

3 thoughts on “Campaign Update

  1. Dave Harte says:

    Needs a hashtag. Not being flippant but it’s a way of creating some online ‘noise’ from those of us who are supportive but not able to attend. We’ll see if we can get it trending….

    #supportSIO – or something like that?

  2. las artes says:

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