Sound It Out and Being Helpful updates…

I have moved all the Sound It Out blogging and campaign blogs over onto the petition site – which will now be your one stop shop for all things Sound It Out campaign based – (if you like the site it was built for me by my friend Gaurav Vaz – who I would recommend highly if you need a wordpress based site put together quickly and cheerfully!)

The next campaign update will be on Tuesday 26th April – so watch out for that!

Also as many of you know I do monthly surgeries for people who want to ‘pick my brains’ for free. They are now based at the mac in Cannon Hill Park Birmingham and then afterwards I go to the Birmingham Music Network and people are welcome to come with me. The next couple are as follows:

April 28th 10 am – 3pm + TMN

May 26th 1pm – 3pm + TMN

You can just turn up or let me know so I can reserve you a slot as that helps I have found! As ever if you want a bit of free advice or to grab me ‘cos I’ve been too busy – come along and buy me a coffee! Then if people want my time outside of this for advice and project support I’ll charge an hourly rate.

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