Notorious does the Mozart Requiem

I don’t post about Notorious on here much. In fact I don’t post much at all as my 5 readers will tell you! But I’m moved to share with you my excitement about the next Notorious gig and the work of our in-house photographer Adrian Burrows (aren’t we lucky).

Those of you who have followed his work for Notorious over the years will have fond memories of many of our flyers that often feature choir members or their family of (my mum starred in one and my daughter Ella).

But with this concert Adrian has surpassed himself. My interpretation of the Mozart Requiem for this concert makes the most of the passion, despair, fear, love and reverence of the piece (well I would like to think so anyway).

So with this brief in mind, Adrian set to work on a flyer idea and we came up with the idea of asking ex Soprano from Notorious Abi Seabrook to model for us as we knew she had a fine collection of 18th Century dresses. And this was the result:

Well – I was pretty pleased with that – and so was Abi – she has rejoined the choir for this concert!

But Adrian has taken it one step forward and created this amazing trailer for us.

Now my question to you is – how many amateur choirs do you know produce this sort of marketing material? So maybe the concert is going to stand out just as much? Well – that’s the plan…

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