The Flyover Show South Africa in the planning

During January 2012 I spent a week in South Africa planning a special Flyover Show in Johannesburg, South Africa. Soweto Kinch had previously been to South Africa to find potential venues and meet artists and it was my job to take all those ideas and make the event happen. We already had support from The British Council in place but no other firm plans.

This initial visit was intense with a series of meetings every day to meet potential technical companies, PR companies and other partners and service providers. We were greeted with a huge amount of enthusiasm for the project and it soon became clear that a venue in Soweto called ‘Freedom Square’ was going to be the best place to do the show and that there were a number of very good partners and suppliers to choose from.

Freedom Square in Soweto, Johannesburg

I also had to consider licensing and security issues and all the usual elements of events that I am very used to dealing with in the UK. But of course in South Africa there were whole lot of new considerations to work with and so I also appointed companies to help us with these aspects that I would usually do myself so that I could be confident that the show would go on without any major hitches.

Alongside all this I had the pleasure of discovering South Africa. I met some inspirational people, learned lots about the history of the country and even managed one day off on safari in the Pilanesburg Nature Reserve.

Hector Pieterson Memorial in Soweto

By the time the week had passed the idea of putting  The Flyover Show in South Africa was now a reality. I had made some new friends and had a lot of further fundraising and planning to do…

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