The Flyover Show Freedom Square – what a day…

When the day of The Flyover Show in South Africa came we were all so excited. Soweto started the day very early on national breakfast television and  I was up early to make sure all the final technical preparations were in place and to make sure that all the back stage systems were ready to go.

The day itself worked really well as we had good teams working with us on all aspects of the day and The Soweto Hotel were great in giving us a base for our press desk and production office. This was the first event I have run outside of the UK and it was so important to have all that support on the day.

In particular, having the team from Rebel Uncut on the ground all the way from Birmingham meant that as well as documenting the whole day I had enthusiastic practical and moral support from breakfast through to the after party (Thanks Nat, Shazad, Karl and Julia via the internet). Here is another brilliant video from the team at Rebel Uncut that sums the event up nicely:

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