Voices Now 2013

I’m very pleased and proud to be the Producer of this year’s Voices Now Festival at the Roundhouse in Camden. This year’s event is on between 20th and 23rd June and as ever the festival aims to bring together the very best of all kinds of group singing under the legendary roof of the Roundhouse.

We have such a range of choirs and singing groups involved that I’m sure we’ll succeed in that ambition. Not only do we have the world famous Hilliard Ensemble performing and currently working with us to mentor 3 new singing groups of young singers but we also have performances and workshops from Only Men Aloud off the telly!

If you like choirs and possibly if you don’t – there will be something during the weekend that you’ll love. I always enjoy the Making Music Open stage where choirs of different kinds get to perform in the foyer spaces at the Roundhouse. This year we have youth choirs, ladies barbershop choirs, male voice choirs, gospel choirs, small consorts and huge community choruses and everything in between!

There are going to be quite a number of male voice groups performing on the Saturday of the weekend as we have themed the day around men and boys singing. So Only Men Aloud, the London Gay Men’s Chorus, the City Shanty Band, The Magnificent AK47s, Eschoir and Capital Chorus are amongst some of the male singing groups you can treat yourself to!

We also have an amazing new piece being written by Eriks Esenvalds featuring Imogen Heap.. but I feel that’s probably the subject of a whole blog post all on its own…

For more information about Voices Now go to www.voicesnow.org.uk or follow us on Twitter @voicesnow

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